Thursday, February 21, 2008

Reverse Cellular Phone Search

People run a reverse cell phone search for all sorts of reasons. Maybe they want to know whose phone number keeps showing up on their spouse's cell phone. Or perhaps they keep getting harrassing call from one number in particular. Whatever the reason, a reverse cell phone search lets you instantly find out who is the owner of the phone.

You have two options when conducting a reverse cell phone search. Although you won't find any free databases where you can run a search, the next couple of paragraphs will show you how to find out the information on your own at no cost. You can also use a paid service to find out detailed information, although I always recommend trying the free way first.

Get a hold of the phone number you want to investigate and go to google. Type in the phone number in the following way: "555-555-5555" and click search.

Have a look to see what results come up. People will fill out phone numbers online for all sorts of reasons. Maybe they are posting a classified ad or filling out a profile page. If the phone number is published on the world wide web, google will pick it up.

If you see a match in the results, have a close look at what you see. Is the name of the owner listed? Can you determine where he/she lives? Depending where you find the phone number you may or may not get all the information you are looking for.

It's also a good idea to try at Yahoo and MSN to see if anything different turns up. These searches are obviously completely free so it's the best place to start when doing a reverse cell phone search.

Many times your search will turn up the information you need. Other times you will have to look elsewhere. Obviously, not every phone number has been published on the world wide web.

Fortunately you can easily find out exactly who owns a phone number by using a paid service. The fees are small and not only will you find out the name of the owner, but you will also get address, carrier and location details.

A paid reverse cell phone search is the easiest way to instantly get the information you need, but make sure you look for two things when you use this type of service. The companies that provide this service pay good money to have access to private owner records so they do charge a nominal fee.

First, get a guarantee. Although 98% of the time you will find the information you need, it's good to have a guarantee so you can get a refund just in case.

Second, use a service that charges a one-time flat fee for unlimited searches. You only have to pay once and can then come back and use the database whenever you want. It's your best bet.

If you want to do a free sample search go to This will give you a good idea of how these services work. It always amazes me how quickly you can play "detective" and get this information.

A reverse cell phone search comes in handy in many different situations. I always recommend trying to find out the information for free at first, and then considering a paid service if that doesn't work. This lets you instantly get the info you need simply by clicking a few buttons.

All the best!