Friday, May 2, 2008

Mobile Downloads

There are all kinds of mobile downloads available to customize your cellular phone today, but by far the most popular are ring tones. Cellphone ringtone mobile downloads seem to be everywhere nowadays. Back a few years ago, You could program your own cellular ring tones, and did not need the mobile downloads at all, but then again the possibilities were pretty limited. The phone was little better than an fm chip with a built in primitive synthesizer as far as tones went. Nowadays, thanks to mobile downloads, everyone goes around programming their very favorite songs into their cell phone. From Mozart to Motley Crue, mobile downloads have really made it possible for people to express their musical interests in their phones, and through these interests, to express a little bit of who they are as people.

Of course, there are all kinds of other mobile downloads as well. For example, Mobile game downloads have proven to be almost as popular as the tones are. This is because people really love their video games. Personally, as a former video game junkie, I think that mobile games downloads are a really bad idea. They allow people to carry their addiction everywhere with them. Before mobile downloads became so widespread, you at least knew that, unless you owned a gameboy, you could not play your games while you were out of the house. Cell phones really changed all that. With mobile downloads, you can play the games almost anywhere, and that is a fact. It really is a very unfortunate thing, if you ask me, because the rate of addiction is just so high in this country, even without all of the mobile downloads.

Of course, the only mobile downloads that are really useful (although none of them are necessary) are the ones which can provide you with information. For example, some of them will be able to give you an up to the minute report on the weather anywhere in the world. Other ones will be able to tell you the headlines and a short summary of all of the important news stories which are just breaking. There are even some mobile downloads which can give you continuously updated stock reports from any of the major stock markets. Personally, I think that all of this information is overrated. I mean, who can't wait until they get home to see how their stocks are doing?

Buy A Mobile Phone

There are so many choices when you buy a cell phone, that it is really hard to tell where to go. Buying a cellular telephone is one of the easiest and one of the hardest things to do, as they can now be found in any place from Radio Shack, to gas stations, to specialty cellular phone stores. For me, it has never made sense to buy a mobile phone at all. I have always subscribed to plans that do not make me buy a mobile phone, but instead give me one for joining. That way, I can save money on service, and save money through not having to buy a mobile phone in the first place, and that is something that I really like. The only problem is that for many people, cell phone plans are not really the way to go.

For one thing, there is the contract. You might want to get a plan now and avoid having to buy a mobile phone, but what about several months from now? All kinds of problems can happen with your cell phone between now and then. For one thing, you can find that service is patchy. It might be quite strong in your area, but what if you move or have to spend a whole lot of time in a part of town without a cell phone tower nearby? You might be in for a year or more of only being able to use your cell phone every once in a while all because you were too cheap to buy a mobile phone.

The situation becomes even trickier if you decide to move into a different state, especially one far away. Many of the best plans are only made by local area cell companies. You will have to buy a mobile phone all over again and switch plans if you go to the other state. I have even heard that, sometimes, when you buy a mobile phone for one plan, it will not work if you switch to a different cellphone service provider. This is an awful situation, because you will be left with a perfectly good, working mobile phone that you can do nothing with. Really, unless you are quite sure about where you are living and what you are doing with your life for the whole of your contract, you should just buy a mobile phone, rather than subscribe to a long term calling plan.